Orchids and the Big Question

This morning I decided to start my blog. This was not a new idea, it had probably been roaming on my head for the last three years. Finally, when I went down the stairs this morning and came face to face with a big beautiful white orchid I knew it was time to start a blog. This flower was no surprise at all, I had been waiting for it for more than a month since the first time I saw the tiny green stem sprout.

When I saw the orchid flower it immediately brought to my memory one of my favorite children’s’ book “The Big Question” by Wolf Erlbruch, where different characters from a soldier to a duck answer life’s big question “What am I doing here in this planet?” I remembered that in the book a gardener also gives his answer to the question. I never thought much about it: “To learn how to be patient” the gardener says with simplicity.




Since I moved to El Paso, TX, two years ago, I have been buying blooming orchids because I love their presence in my house. Even though I had the experience of a plant blooming again in the same stem this is the first time that I witness the whole process since the birth of the stem itself. This is the first blooming event that I consider to be MINE. Ridiculous thought since I did nothing but to find the right light and water the plant. The rest is the miracle of life, the miracle of a plant… the miracle of an orchid!

This orchid has taught me way more than what it thinks. The excitement of spotting the sprout for the first time. Knowing its meaning and knowing that it will take a long time to finally see the flowers. Trust in a master plan that even though I cannot see it in this moment it is still taking place. Understanding- like the gardener said- that one must be patient.

Patience, so important and necessary in our lives! I had understood patience like being able to wait for something to happen. To be able to tolerate what triggers us about others… but this orchid taught me that it is something else. To be patient- like the gardener- is to enjoy every step of the way. It is the joy of seeing the first sprout and the joy of seeing how each day it grows a little. It is the excitement of witnessing the first bud grow on the stem and then another one and another one. And yes, it is also the happiness of witnessing the first flower bloom. Being present each step, watching satisfied how the cycle ends, flowers wither and fall, knowing that the plant regenerates and that this ending leads to new beginnings.

At this point I ask myself: “What would happen if I could see each person as an orchid?” I would be positive that even if sometimes all I can witness is some green leaves, around the corner is waiting the colorful perfection of the flower. If I were to see orchids in full bloom I would acknowledge that it took them time to get to that point. I would know, for sure, that there is not a wasted minute in anyone’s life that is not bringing them closer to fulfilling their master plan.

I recognize myself as one and I can see how each choice I made led me to the person I am. I can also see how the sum of all my decisions will make me bloom once or many times during my life. This lesson the orchid has given me is teaching me to be patient with myself. Knowing everything has its own time and rhythm. So if it took me three years to start a blog… I am not regretting not doing it before but I am happy of doing it now.

Those who know me know that I am a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister… professionally a special education teacher, Montessori Guide, I have studied the Non Violent Communication method by Marshall Rosenberg and lately the Healing your Life work by Paul Ferrini.

If this blog is to have any order, it is that it will have none. It took me so long to plan if I was only to speak of certain topics and not others, if I was to write weekly or monthly. Finally I decided that this will be a spontaneous sharing of my life in my different roles. I will share about something that happened in my day, a book, a movie… I will share whatever touched my heart.

I cannot finish this first entry without thanking four friends who have been supporting me on this process. Gina Dewar has been an inspiration by blogging weekly for more than three years now. Rocio Robles Serrano has always been telling me to move on and write. Ana Cristina Enriquez has patiently told me all the things that you can do through a blog and hopefully will continue to guide me in this matter. Liliana Martinez my unconditional friend from so many years is always backing me up in whatever I do.

And to YOU that for some reason are reading me… THANK YOU!!!!








  1. Querida Annie, que padre que ya comenzaste tu blog. Escribes muy bonito y será una manera muy padre de compartir experiencias e ideas. Te felicito y te quiero mucho. Slds. Mickey

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